Overcoming Sadness and Disappointment

Thoughts on disappointment inspired by Abraham-Hicks

What if disappointment was simply the act of taking score to soon? Stewing in disappointment is amplifying what currently IS while leaving what we really want untended. 

We must learn to focus on what we want and feel good. ‘Chill out and pet your cat’ as Abraham says. We have a picture about who we should be. Until we achieve it, we feel disappointed and incomplete. 

The remedy to this is to accept that we are infinite and eternal. Eternal and infinite = perfectly incomplete.

What if disappointment was simply the act of taking score too soon?

Have you ever been so disappointed that you lost your strength? Even holding your breath couldn’t halt the sudden backspin of your reality. Someone you love is really sick. Perhaps a game-changing opportunity slipped away, or you have to let go of someone or something you love. You had your heart set on a different outcome. Maybe you just felt that something was missing, and that “there’s got to be more to life than this.”

I’d like to help you understand where your disappointment stems from and how to consciously move out of the energy of disappointment in order to liberate yourself and get back into alignment with your higher self and your deepest, most soul-simmering desires.

What exactly is disappointment?

Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest. It is one of two primary emotions involved in decision-making and has also been hypothesized as a source of immune system suppression in optimists. From an emotional-energetic perspective, disappointment is a state that’s not in harmony with what we desire.

If you want someone or something to be different, or want something to happen and it doesn’t, then you’re a prime candidate for the emotional lesson disappointment carries. Karla McClaren, an expert on emotion, explains that disappointment is a “soft” type of sadness intended to beckon the new and release what isn’t working. She proposes these questions as a pathway to understanding:

What must be released?
What must be rejuvenated?
What is the opportunity of the moment

Where does disappointment come from?

Disappointment originates from limiting beliefs around failure and worthiness, and is 100% correlated to our perspective and our expectations. Judgment and attachment are the main ingredients of disappointment. Have you ever felt the weight of someone’s disappointment in you? It’s quite a heavy energy.

When we judge something as less than desirable and unworthy of our acceptance, we box that thing in with our thoughts to help us maintain the illusion of our control over it. We become imprisoned with our own thoughts, and as we fight what is unfolding, we tie ourselves up even further.

More judgment means more disappointment, which makes for a tinier prison. On the contrary, as we release, forgive and “take nothing personal,” ease sets in, we feel spacious and doors begin to open again.

Releasing Disappointment, Cultivating Inspiration with Hyp Keys

Hyp Keys are formulated to expand your awareness by incorporating subconscious communication friendly principles in a MEPS format.

What are MEPS? Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual nuggets of goodness that you can begin applying immediately.

M-Manage your expectations, make no assumptions and take nothing personal. Life is flowing and changeable–so are we. Remember, things are not as they seem. Things are as we are.  Everyone is dealing with their own stuff, and it will be projected onto you at times. Be ready! Check out Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements for more on this.

E-Imagine feeling eagerness, hope and patient anticipation. Trust raises your vibration and moves you up the emotional scale and lifts you into a receiving state. It’s beautiful to believe that everything is happening for your highest good.

P-Smell the roses. Literally! Get outside. Go for a walk. Stimulate your senses and move your body. Rose oil happens to have the perfect heart healing vibration to shift disappointment. For maximum impact, use the Hyp Love Inhaler with the Mantra: What I want is flowing to me. Everything is right on schedule.

S-Feed your vision.  Go on a rampage of appreciation. Adorn your vision lovingly with thoughts, dreams and good feelings. Be too purposeful to be disappointed. This is fun, fulfilling and the remedy for any disappointment. 

Blessings to all mind training mood masters out there!