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Are you committed to a future vision, but feel stuck and limited by barriers, some that are self-imposed?

Most people facing frustrating recurring challenges will give in and eventually give up. Unfortunately, despite an inspiring goal or dream, they just didn’t get to the root of the issue. Mental and emotional mastery is required to bring big visions to life.

If you’re a visionary with a big goal who is seeking ways to break through conscious and subconscious obstacles, regain confidence, and achieve your full potential, private coaching is a transformative journey of personal and professional development. The coaching services I’ve designed will guide you towards your full potential.

Unlock Your True Potential: There's Greatness in You!

Do you often wonder if there’s an invisible force like destiny or bad luck working against you?  

When you want to achieve a big change for yourself—or for the world—you often find yourself in uncharted territory and murky waters. And when you strive to reach the top, the journey towards greatness can be lonely. My coaching services address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Worthiness: Do you struggle with feelings of self-worth and deserving success? Private coaching can help you recognize your inherent value and break free from the cycle of self-doubt.
  • Confidence: Confidence is the key to success in both personal and professional life. The coaching I provide aims to boost your self-confidence and help you step into your power.
  • Life-Work Balance: Achieving balance between your personal and professional life is crucial for overall well-being. Private coaching guides you in creating harmony and fulfillment in both areas.
  •  Courage to Speak Truth: Do you find it challenging to express your authentic self or go against the grain? Coaching will help you find the courage to speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in. 
  • Responsibility vs. Victimhood: It’s time to take responsibility for your life and move away from victimhood. The coaching provided by April Norris Mind Training encourages self-compassion while empowering you to take control of your destiny.

Lead With Strength & Intention

Leadership is the prerequisite skill for achieving greatness. However, leading yourself and others requires a profound journey of self-discovery and mastery of the mind. As leaders, we must harness the power of mind training to transcend the mental and emotional barriers that often hinder our effectiveness. By cultivating emotional intelligence and self-awareness, we unlock the key to understanding and managing our own emotions, enabling us to navigate turbulent waters with grace and resilience.

Furthermore, this inner transformation allows us to empathize with others, skillfully reading their emotions and forging authentic connections that propel us all toward peak performance and the realization of shared aspirations. In this pursuit, we not only elevate ourselves but also inspire those we lead to reach new heights, fostering a legacy of impactful leadership.

How April Norris Mind Training Works

With a strong foundation as co-founder of Miami Florida Hypnosis and over 1000 transformed clients, I have the experience and expertise to customize training to help clients reach their full potential. Working privately with me, or one of my highly trained colleagues, you can break free from the shackles of self-imposed limitations and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

April Norris Mind Training private coaching doesn’t offer quick fixes or superficial solutions. The coaching I’ve developed dives deep into the subconscious to identify and address the root causes of your challenges. I firmly believe that lasting change happens when you transform your mindset and heal from within.

My proprietary training is unique and innovative. It is not therapy. Rather than diagnosing you, it enables you to release the bad programming and limiting labels that may have been assigned to you in the past. Although life-changing, the process won’t take years or even months.

The April Norris Mind Training methodology includes the following:

Root Cause

Identifying the root cause of the conscious and subconscious blocks to your success.

Sensory Anchoring

Hypnotic suggestions are linked up to emotions like bliss, joy, and power through the use of a sensory trigger.

Mood Mastery

Mood mastery delves into how to let go of the big three emotional drags: Fear Anger and Sadness. Time does not heal all wounds. Actively addressing and releasing them does.

Knowing Triggers

Knowing how to identify when you are triggered and how to reprogram your behavior— allows you to respond, rather than react.

Private Coaching Options

  • In-Person or Virtual Coaching. Private coaching sessions can be conducted either in person or virtually, depending on your preference and convenience.
  •  Individual Sessions: For those seeking targeted guidance on specific challenges or goals.
  •  Coaching Packages: packages are tailor-made to provide comprehensive support and long-term transformation. You can find more details on the Courses and Tools page.

Your Transformation Begins Now!

Imagine a life where you’re no longer held back by limiting beliefs, self-doubt, or the fear of taking risks. Picture yourself confidently pursuing your dreams, achieving your goals, and fostering rewarding relationships.

Every day that you’re not working towards your dreams and goals you’re one day further away from them. Yet, so many superachievers stagnate. If you’re finally ready to relieve the pain of untapped potential and embark on a journey towards personal and professional growth, April Norris Mind Training will guide you every step of the way. Private coaching takes you from stuck to unstoppable and is the key to laser-focused, forward motion. Don’t let another day go by feeling stuck and unfulfilled and moving further from the life you desire. 

Apply today to begin your journey towards a more abundant and rewarding life.

Introduction to Mind Training by April Norris

Harness the Power of Your Mind for Healing, Learning, and Transformation

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