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This blog is dedicated to the art of enhancing your mindset for a happier, more fulfilling life. Here, my colleagues and I offer a treasure trove of informative posts designed to be your guiding light on the path to personal growth. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of mind training, cultivate mindfulness to overcome emotional obstacles, or embark on a journey of self-development, our articles are here to empower you on your transformative voyage.

Emo-nsters: Emotional Vampires, Zombies & Ghosts.

It’s that time of year again, and shadowy symbolism abounds. As usual, it occurs as a bit of a relief. Like the changing of seasons or a rainy day when all you’ve had is sun; this is the time of year monsters, gore and fright are collectively and playfully pondered...

How to Build a Focused Brain

You’ve set intentions and you have a vision. Yet…Your skin crawls as you stare at the screen. A big resounding ‘NO’ rumbles from deep inside as you look at your to-do list....

Instead of “Looking Inward & Trusting Your Gut,” Do This

“Follow your heart. Look inward. Trust your gut.” *Cringe* When facing a tough choice or a sticky conversation, these words occur as clichés and are the last thing we want to hear. What we want is for someone to just tell us what to do....

Tribe Shift: How to Be True to Yourself and Find Your Tribe

The most successful families and tribes evolve together, building on a foundation of common values and commitment. Members naturally fall into helpful leadership roles that forward the group. When change occurs, there is a tension created in the web that connects members...

Train Your Mind With Your Senses

There are many outside forces intending to program us into thinking and behaving the way they want us to. These include the barrage of marketing ads leading us to buy what we don’t need, news reports fueling us with anger and fear about things we have little power to change, and past limiting ideas and social conditioning instilled in us since birth...

How to Release Shame and Be Proud

You’ve probably heard that pride, "cometh before a fall’. What first comes to mind when you see the word? LGBT rights*… Family groups of lions… The emotion? Let’s explore the emotional meaning of pride in order to deepen our grasp and mastery of this powerful force.

Worrier to Warrior - Transform Anxiety into Strength

Worry is the darkness that creeps along like mold, growing wherever the light doesn’t reach. If left unchecked, worry hungrily consumes our energy, causing procrastination and distraction. Have you ever been so worried that you wanted to crawl out of your skin?

How to Be Grateful When You Feel Cynical

When cynicism is turned up high and grateful people are pushing your buttons, it’s time to get down with your bad self before you do any more vibrational damage. Gratitude is a choice. But when you’re angry, broken-hearted, grieving, or feel like everything turned out wrong, it can be very difficult to choose gratitude. So what can we do when we aren't feeling especially grateful?

Overcoming Sadness and Disappointment

Have you ever been so disappointed that you lost your strength? Even holding your breath couldn’t halt the sudden backspin of your reality. Someone you love is really sick. Perhaps a game-changing opportunity slipped away, or you have to let go of someone or something you love. You had your heart set on a different outcome...

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