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The Hyp® Lifestyle Brand

Conceived by April Norris, the Hyp® brand symbolizes a mindset realized by engagement with products, courses, healing modalities, workshops and events that emphasize an innovative, fast and fun approach to transformation that honors each person’s unique journey.

The Hyp® philosophy acknowledges that the mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked- such that a change in one level impacts all the others. That is why the Hyp® approach pivots around multi-dimensional aspects of being that include energy, thought, emotion, physicality and spirituality.

Healing with Hyp®

There’s an amusing story that illustrates how people can lack awareness. Two fish are swimming along when another fish sees them and asks, “Morning, guys, how’s the water?” The two continue swimming until suddenly one stops and entreats the other, “What the heck is water?”

We can fall prey to being oblivious to the obvious. We can also get stuck in repetitive patterns of behavior that may not serve us well, or even be making us sick. Mind training awakens us to the habits, energies and influences that affect us.

We don’t view people as inherently bad or broken. We believe we can all suffer from forgetfulness and illusion at times. When we truly know better, we do better.

We are complex beings with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions that each affect one another and determine how we see the world. The physical body, thoughts and emotions all feature their own signature frequencies. To heal, we address these dimensions holistically.

Healing is a fusion of art and science. A blend of poetry and neuroscience.

Mind training isn’t about fixing, changing or manipulating anything. It’s about waking up to your unique potential, truth and path.

Hyp® courses, products, modalities, workshops and events facilitate growth and healing by helping people:

Discharge the Emotion

Emotions, akin to glue, often bind thoughts and beliefs within the mind, restricting change. The process of emotional healing acts as a solvent, dissolving these emotional bonds and paving the way for transformative shifts in one's mental landscape.

Strive to Understand

Forgiving and healing spring from the profound act of seeking to truly comprehend another person, recognizing it as a precious gift. This shift in belief acknowledges the power of understanding in fostering emotional restoration and growth.

Release and Forgive

Emotional release and empathetic understanding pave the path to forgiveness, the catalyst for profound healing and transformation. By unraveling the motives behind our actions, we can transcend pain, embracing newfound emotional freedom and personal growth.

Accept Responsibility

Regardless of past scars, true healing necessitates accepting personal responsibility and taking proactive steps toward growth and transformation. Ownership of your journey empowers you to emerge stronger, wiser and ready to make your next moves.

The Hyp® Tool Kit


Hypnosis, facilitated by a certified professional hypnotherapist, is a potent means of accessing the subconscious mind, where ingrained limiting beliefs reside. Through this safe and effective process, individuals can gain heightened control over their mental landscape, promoting healing, personal growth, and the realization of their aspirations. By harnessing the power of the subconscious, hypnosis serves as a transformative tool for self-improvement and fulfillment of dreams.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) delves into the intricate interplay between our language, body gestures, and tone, unveiling the subconscious programming that influences our thoughts and actions. By understanding and reshaping this linguistic and non-verbal communication, NLP empowers individuals to heal emotional wounds, foster personal growth, and manifest their dreams, as it enables them to reframe their perspectives and break free from limiting patterns.


Aromatherapy is a holistic approach that penetrates the mind and body at profound levels. Essential oils, with their high vibrational quality, swiftly breach the blood-brain barrier, facilitating swift and potent results. This therapy clears the mind, alleviates stress, elevates mood, enhances cognitive function, and promotes overall well-being. Aromatherapy can be a transformative tool, supporting individuals in their journey to healing, growth, and the realization of their dreams by harnessing the therapeutic power of aromatic essences.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing harnesses the direct influence of sound on our nervous system, offering a powerful means of achieving healing and growth. Employing targeted healing tones, this therapy aids in the release of emotional blockages while fostering equilibrium and inner peace. Shamanic drumming, on the other hand, guides individuals into profoundly meditative states. Through sound's therapeutic impact, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being and personal fulfillment.


Breath Work involves a guided exploration of breathing techniques that serve as a catalyst for both healing and personal growth. These methods enable the release of tension and suppressed emotions, while simultaneously promoting better oxygenation of the body. Tailored to individual needs, Breath Work can induce relaxation or provide an invigorating energy boost. By harnessing the power of conscious breathing, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards achieving their goals and enhancing overall well-being.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting, when approached with the right methodology, becomes a dynamic and enjoyable process. It harmoniously blends effective techniques to align individuals with their life's purpose and aspirations. This integration, featuring manifestation technology, propels you toward your objectives in a super-charged manner. By combining subconscious friendly language with belief change and purposeful goal setting, individuals embark on a journey of personal growth, ensuring you can accomplish your dreams and learn while progressing in your life.

Emotional Release

Emotional Release, when expertly integrated into therapeutic healing work with a licensed hypnotherapist and coach, becomes a transformative journey. It offers individuals innovative tools to navigate and unblock the intricate landscape of emotions, enabling them to harness the power of emotional flow. This process paves the way for personal growth, allowing individuals to accomplish their desires and gain valuable insights, ultimately propelling them forward in their lives with newfound clarity and resilience.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a transformative approach that taps into the body's energy system, effectively dissolving negative emotional charges through the gentle action of tapping on energy meridians with fingertips and repeating specific phrases. When seamlessly integrated into therapeutic healing work with a professional, licensed hypnotherapist and coach, EFT becomes a powerful tool for achieving personal goals, acquiring wisdom, and fostering growth. This unique blend of art and science empowers individuals to move forward in life, liberating themselves from emotional constraints and achieving what they desire.


Crystals and gemstones, harnessed for millennia for their remarkable capacity to hold, amplify, and transmit energy, play a pivotal role in the healing process. Their innate characteristics enable them to draw in and emit healing frequencies that address imbalance and synchronize harmoniously with the body's seven chakras. This gentle yet potent therapy operates on multiple dimensions—body, mind, and spirit—facilitating spiritual connection and support to achieve desired goals and gain insights into subtle energies.


Yoga is a powerful tool for unearthing deeply embedded emotions through our body. This ancient practice empowers you to navigate your emotional landscape, while facilitating healing and growth beyond your present constraints. Through regular practice, yoga helps release pent-up negative emotions stored within the body, fostering emotional release and inner balance. It serves as a transformative pathway, enabling individuals to transcend past traumas, nurturing a state of enduring tranquility and resilience in their personal journey towards healing and self-discovery.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that supports and accelerates therapeutic healing. Reiki is the channeling universal life force energy to balance and harmonize the recipient's energy field. Through Reiki, individuals experience a profound connection to life force energy, aiding in the release of energetic blockages and imbalances. This spiritually collaborative approach results in a profound sense of equilibrium, inner tranquility, and increased resilience. It serves as a transformative tool for personal growth and healing.


Chakras, regarded as vital energy centers within the body, are addressed in the therapeutic healing process under the guidance of a professional hypnotherapist and coach. Aligned with specific aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, these chakras serve as a symbolic organizing framework to understand the links between body and mind. Balancing the chakras is a transformative tool for releasing obstacles to growth and healing, fostering emotional and physical harmony, and nurturing a positive mindset. This holistic approach enables individuals to tap into the profound potential of their inner energies and embrace a path towards healing and expansive and enlightened thinking.

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